The 'Eye' Of It All | 3 Clever Considerations For Choosing A Retirement Home When You Have Poor Eyesight

If you're looking to move into a retirement home, certain factors like space and maintenance take precedence over others in regular circumstances. But if you're living with unusual circumstances like poor eyesight and visibility, then you must pay close heed to additional considerations to ensure a safe and healthy living experience –– here they are for your benefit. Make Sure The Unit Is On A Single Level To Avoid Trips [Read More]

Handy Possum Removal Tips for Your Home

Although possums are typically non-aggressive, having these creatures on your property can lead to your home becoming quite unsanitary. Moreover, if the possum is rabid, it can be very aggressive, which poses a risk to any children or pets you may have as they play outside. Therefore, it is crucial to eliminate any possums who may be wandering onto your property to prevent them from developing a habit of coming to forage on your property. [Read More]

Do You Always Need A Termite Inspection Before You Buy A New Home?

Buying a home is always stressful and expensive, no matter how well the process goes--so it can be tempting to try to skip as many steps as possible to make the experience easier on yourself. While this is an understandable desire, there's one step that nobody purchasing property in Australia should be tempted to leave out: a full, thorough termite inspection. Why is a termite inspection so important? Termites are a huge problem in Australia, with some sources suggesting that every Australian home has a minimum 1 in 10 risk of a termite infestation--with that figure rising to 65% in high-risk areas such as Queensland. [Read More]

Creating a Toxic-Free Home

Renovating old homes can be a worthwhile investment, especially if you're able to sell on a period property for a greater profit margin and reinvest that money again. However, if you're new to property development, then you may or may not be aware that certain property checks should be made and general tasks completed before you begin the renovation. This can encompass things such as checking the walls for asbestos, ensuring that energy supplies to the house are safely installed and in working order and checking the integrity of the flooring and generally structure, making sure it is stable and free from pests. [Read More]