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Why Choose Serviced Apartments When Traveling?

A serviced apartment refers to a fully furnished apartment accommodation that works something like a hotel; you make a reservation and the apartment is cleaned before you arrive, with regular housekeeping services arranged throughout your stay, and other such amenities. A fully serviced apartment is a bit different than a house swap arrangement or one that is rented from its owner, as these types of apartments may not include such services but just the accommodations themselves. The next time you travel and especially if you're traveling on business, you may want to consider such an apartment. Note its advantages.

1. Added room

A small hotel room doesn't give you much privacy, or space to relax and get anything done, which is especially important for business travellers or those with families. With a fully serviced apartment, you have the space of a full apartment, with a dining room, separate bedroom, kitchen, and in some cases, even an office. Larger apartments may be two or more bedrooms as well, along with added bathrooms.

For families, this can mean privacy for everyone during a vacation since there are separate bedrooms and other areas, and for business travelers, you don't need to spread your worksheets out on a small table or on the bed in order to get some work done. The added space means a more relaxing stay and being able to keep yourself organized or working effectively when away on business. It can also mean saving money on travel, since you may be able to split the cost of a serviced apartment with other travellers and pay less individually than if you all got your own hotel rooms.

2. Services, or not

Staying in a hotel means having your room cleaned every day, with the choice of valet service, room service, and the like. Staying in a privately owned apartment means being able to cook your own meals and handle your own laundry. 

With a serviced apartment, you don't need to choose between these levels of service. Housekeeping will come in and clean the space and make your bed, or you can handle this on your own. You can use the valet service for your laundry and dry cleaning, or do your own laundry in a laundry facility. Most serviced apartments have restaurant charge backs, so you can eat out and have this added to your apartment bill for less hassle and to keep your receipts organized, or you can cook your own food in the kitchen if you prefer. Choosing a serviced apartment means being able to choose the level of service you want while still enjoying the freedom of your own kitchen, laundry, and the like, if you so prefer.