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Planning to Rent? A 4-Point Guide To Choosing the Perfect Rental Property

Finding suitable rental properties can be daunting for anyone, because you need to find something that meets your expectations and your requirements perfectly. Unlike houses for sale with scope to modify to your taste, there is little opportunity to make changes to ready rental properties. With rental inspections lasting for just a few minutes, it can be extremely difficult to make an instant decision. To help make your decision easier, follow this 4-point guide to choosing a practical rental home that meets your requirements perfectly.

Check Whether Existing Fixtures Fit Through the Doorway

Before you decide to sign on the dotted line, be sure to inspect the doorways to determine whether your refrigerator, washing machine, television, cupboards, beds and microwave will fit through the doorways of the rental property. Be sure to check for space in the kitchen for your white goods, the bedroom for your bed and cupboards to ensure that each room has adequate space to accommodate every item you own. Take measurements of every item you own and inquire with the real estate agent whether the home can accommodate your fixtures. You may also want to seek permission to measure the rooms and doorways during inspections, so that you are absolutely sure before filling out the expression of interest form.

Ensure that You're Happy with the Security Measures

Security is an important part of most homes, whether owned or rented. You'll want to do enough research about the neighbourhood surrounding the rental home to ensure that it is safe for you. While inspecting, be sure to look for security features like deadlocks, window bolts, door locks and alarm systems. If you feel insecure, ask the real estate agent about possible measures to improve security in the home. If nothing is possible and you still feel unsafe, look elsewhere.

Look for Technology Connections

Every person today is connected to the Internet and television, so you'll want to rent a home that already has these connections available. Look for features like telephone connections, television antennas, plug points and Wi-Fi connections. These connections may not be actively running now, but at least you know the home has been powered before, so you won't need to start from scratch. You can either continue with existing providers or you can choose an entirely new provider for your telephone, Wi-Fi and television connections in your rental property.

Inspect for Storage Space

Storage is extremely important, especially if you have a big load of items to bring with you to the rental home. Before you move into a rental home, you'll want to ensure that it has enough storage space to accommodate all your items. Look for areas where you can store your surfboard, bicycle, tennis equipment, sewing machine and book collection.