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How you can use Garlic as a Natural Pesticide

As any gardener will know, growing plants, herbs, and vegetables, is something extremely rewarding, but there are plenty of pests that will want to get in the way of your beautiful garden. There are some pests, such as aphids, that will destroy the fruit borne of trees and plants, and there are some, like termites, that could attack both a vegetable patch and the very foundation of your home because they love nothing more to than to feast on wood.

Many gardeners will head straight to the pesticide section of the local garden centre, but if you really don't like the idea of having pests nor the idea of eating tomatoes and apples covered in chemical pesticides, you might want to think about some natural solutions.

Garlic – a powerful, all natural pesticide

In steps garlic – something that most people are very familiar with as a kitchen ingredient. If you have ever crushed garlic and had a squirt of it in your eye, you'll know how much a tiny bit of garlic can sting. So imagine how tiny insects feel about garlic. Most of them really don't like it at all, and it can act as a really powerful deterrent for common pests such as termites, aphids, caterpillars, slugs, snails, beetles, and more besides. So skip those chemical pesticides, and reach for garlic instead.

How to use garlic as a pesticide

There are a couple of ways that garlic can be used as a pesticide. First of all, you can actually grow garlic plants within your garden. Place them strategically in between the plants that your pests really like to eat, and you will notice that they soon disappear. If you are worried about termites and their proximity to your home, grow garlic in areas close to the house, such as on a patio deck, or on balconies. You could even create a living wall with garlic plants!

If you want to attack the problem right away without waiting for garlic plants to grow, you can also make a garlic spray, and spray this all over affected plants. This won't affect the growth of the plants at all, but the natural pesticide won't last forever so be sure to re-spray at least once a week. You can make this spray by soaking garlic in paraffin for a day or two, and then combining this crushed, soaked garlic with water and soap that isn't harmful to plants. You could also add chilli for an extra kick, just be careful not to get any of the spray on your face.

Good luck with your termite control, aphid control, and removal of other pests in your garden!