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5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Business Work-Space

For a person visiting your office, the cleanliness of the place tells a lot about the professionalism and image of the organization. Spring cleaning is designed to help remove all the dirt and clutter that your janitor has been overlooking throughout the year. A clean commercial work-space will give your employees peace of mind and improve their productivity. With the services  of a commercial cleaning expert, spring cleaning can be a fruitful and enjoyable task. Here are a few simple tips to aid you in spring cleaning your work-space.

Clean Accumulated Grime, Dust, and Dirt from Carpets and Flooring -- When cleaning floors and carpets, give priority to high-traffic areas like the staircase and reception area. With an experienced commercial cleaner, you can eliminate the need to replace your carpet when doing annual spring cleaning. You should clean flooring that is usually covered by file cabinets, desks, and conference tables. These are areas where grime and dust hide out, leading to incidences of germs and allergic reactions among your employees. A mild detergent is recommended for cleaning different flooring to prevent corrosion.

Inspection and Preventing the Growth of Mold -- Spring cleaning should be the opportunity to inspect the office for the growth of mold and mildew, especially in areas that experience dampness. All damp and dark corners of the workplace must be inspected for signs of mold.

HVAC Systems Maintenance -- Sometimes, your cleaning expert can inspect the ventilation system and vents to remove dust buildup, and to make sure that they work properly. The indoor air quality of your office is vital for the safety and health of all the occupants. Repair or replace air conditioning units and air filtration systems during this annual spring cleaning. You can contract an independent HVAC technician, or sometimes, some commercial cleaning companies have their experts for this type of job.    

Declutter Work-Spaces -- Files and papers in boxes can accumulate in the office, making it an unsafe place to work. With spring cleaning, you can declutter the office by removing all junk files and papers. Make sure that sensitive and confidential files are shredded according to the protocols in your organization. When you eliminate excess clutter in work-spaces, employees can improve their concentration levels, consequently improving their productivity. You should also consider digitizing your files to reduce office clutter.

Electronic Devices -- Make sure that you clean dirt and dust off all electronics such as computers, printers, televisions, and scanners with a special cleaner. Office cleaning professionals will wipe down the surfaces of these devices with a special cloth containing a cleaning agent.