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Handy Possum Removal Tips for Your Home

Although possums are typically non-aggressive, having these creatures on your property can lead to your home becoming quite unsanitary. Moreover, if the possum is rabid, it can be very aggressive, which poses a risk to any children or pets you may have as they play outside. Therefore, it is crucial to eliminate any possums who may be wandering onto your property to prevent them from developing a habit of coming to forage on your property. Luckily, there are several methods you could employ before having to call in professional help. Here are some handy possum removal tips for your home.

Install motion-activated sprinklers

One thing possums hate is being doused with water. If you find that these pests are constantly visiting your property, you should consider installing motion-activated sprinklers in areas that are frequented by the possums. These locations could include around shrubbery, near fruit trees and more. When the possum wanders onto your property, their movements trigger the sprinkler systems. Not only do you get your lawn hydrated but the jets of water will also startle and scare away the possums in a humane manner.

Spread pet dander around your property

Although possums can be quite confident, they can be intimidated if they smell a potential predator in close proximity. However, this does not mean that you should unleash your pet on the trespassing possums as a fight could ensue. This would potentially lead to your pet acquiring severe injuries. Instead, an easier way to deter the possums would be to collect your pet's dander and spread it all over your yard. You could either directly place the pet fur and dander onto your property or you could place it in mesh bags and hang them at strategic locations around your yard.

Apply potent odours around your premises

Another way to deter possums from invading your property would be by assaulting their sense of smell. There are a wide array of odours in your home that possums would deem offensive. Some of the more common odours you could use include mothballs and even concentrated ammonia. With ammonia, put some of the liquid into a can and place an old cotton towel inside the can. Place this can at a strategic location and the old towel will function as a wick that is dispersing the offending fumes. To use the mothballs, place them in mesh bags and hang them around your property as you would with the pet dander.