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The 'Eye' Of It All | 3 Clever Considerations For Choosing A Retirement Home When You Have Poor Eyesight

If you're looking to move into a retirement home, certain factors like space and maintenance take precedence over others in regular circumstances. But if you're living with unusual circumstances like poor eyesight and visibility, then you must pay close heed to additional considerations to ensure a safe and healthy living experience –– here they are for your benefit.

Make Sure The Unit Is On A Single Level To Avoid Trips

Your first consideration is to choose a home or unit on a single level because staircases and different levels can trigger slips and falls thanks to your poor eyesight. For instance, if one room is slightly lower than the other, then a person with poor eyesight could easily take a misstep and lose balance. Single-level retirement villas and homes are designed especially to aid people with poor visibility, so make sure you opt for one that minimises your risk of slipping and falling.

Look For A Home With Plenty Of Lit Up Areas And Natural Light

Some homes tend to be darker than others depending on the level of natural sunlight and artificial light indoors. Before choosing a retirement home, make sure it has plenty of light up areas and natural light to prevent any untoward slips and falls when you're moving around. For instance, a room with plenty of windows or large French windows will typically have more natural light than a room with smaller windows, tucked away between multitudes of surrounding buildings. If you're moving into a retirement village and are not happy with the level of light, you may be able to coax the management to add some light without charging you any excess costs.

Choose A Home With Contrasting Colours For Clear Room-To-Room Demarcation

When moving between rooms, poor eyesight can make it hard to see clearly, which can cause you to slip over objects or walk into walls accidentally. To make it easier to demarcate between rooms, your best option is to choose get the rooms painted in contrasting colours to clearly establish a separation between different rooms. This will make it easier for you to establish when one room ends and another one begins, which will minimise your risk of falling substantially. For instance, if your living room is painted white and kitchen is coated with olive green, you'll find it easier to demarcate than if the kitchen was painted white too.

When your eyesight is poor, you must consider these additional factors to prevent injuries in your new retirement home.