Buying a home with a swimming pool: what to watch out for

Swimming in a backyard pool is a relaxing and convenient way to cool off during hot summers, so it's no surprise that so many Australian homes have a swimming pool installed. More than 10% of homes nationwide have a swimming pool, with the proportion rising to nearly one in three in the country's northern areas, so chances are that you'll encounter a home with a pool during your property hunt. However, most pre-purchase building inspections don't cover backyard pools due to licensing requirements. [Read More]

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Business Work-Space

For a person visiting your office, the cleanliness of the place tells a lot about the professionalism and image of the organization. Spring cleaning is designed to help remove all the dirt and clutter that your janitor has been overlooking throughout the year. A clean commercial work-space will give your employees peace of mind and improve their productivity. With the services  of a commercial cleaning expert, spring cleaning can be a fruitful and enjoyable task. [Read More]

First-time Property Buyers: Things You Can Learn from a Pre-purchase Strata Report

Buying a house is an affordable way of entering the property market. However, it is worth your time and money to evaluate your property both physically and in technical real estate terms. Whether you will be living within that property or renting it out to tenants, you need to know some important details about its management plan, the relationship of the people living around and other obligations. For first time buyers, this isn't a walk in the park. [Read More]

Property Management | 4 Negotiations To Influence The Landlord to Accommodate Your Pet

Data from the Animal Health Alliance reveals that nearly 5 million of the existing 7.6 million Australian households have pets. But many landlords and property management companies have strict 'no pet' clauses in lease agreements because they simply don't want the added hassle that comes along with pet owner tenants. But you could undertake some negotiations to influence your landlord or property management company into accommodating your furry friends.  Offer Higher-Than-Advertised Weekly Rent  [Read More]